Club Rules

Rules of Truro and District Model Flying Club

with effect from 11th January 2017

1 Flying of models is restricted to club members only.
2 All club members must be registered BMFA/SMAE members. As BMFA membership provides third party insurance cover all persons wishing to fly must produce evidence of membership upon request of any member.
3 Flying is permitted on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, also Bank Holidays and Friday from 1st November to 31st March only. No flying before 11.00am and all flying to finish by 8.00pm.
4 No cars permitted in the field unless permission is given by a committee member.
5 The field gate is to be kept closed.
6 No more than three two-stroke powered models to be flown at any one time.
7 All engines must be effectively silenced and comply with current limits. The BMFA recommend a maximum of 82db at 7 metres and all models will be measured before any flying may proceed.
8 All radio-controlled models must use the frequency control system. For 35MHz they are numbered between 55 and 90 and members will be issued with their own name peg which should be placed on the frequency board while the numbered peg is attached to their transmitter. When flying is finished the numbered peg is to be returned to the board.
9 Members using 2.4GHz equipment will have their own pegboard.
10 Pilots should take-off and land from a common point and give clear announcement of their intention within earshot of other pilots. All flying to be done from a common flight line which will be defined by two cones adjacent to the area and all pilots are to return to this area immediately after take-off or landing.
11 All models not being flown are to be kept behind the flight line in the pits area, again defined by two cones.
12 No models are allowed to take-off, overfly or land within the pits area.
13 No models are to be taxied in or out of the pits or flight line areas.
14 All models to be physically restrained whilst starting within the pits area.
15 Models over 5Kg are permitted provided they meet the BMFA noise level of 82db at 7 metres. Pilots of large models will be required to demonstrate their flight pattern to club officers for approval before being allowed to fly unaccompanied.
16 The club will not permit the use of gas-turbine powered models on the site.
17 New members will be expected to demonstrate their competence to club officers for approval before flying unaccompanied. The required standard would involve a take-off followed by two level circuits in alternate directions, followed by a landing within the patch.
18 All members’ activities will be observed by club officers. If it is considered that a member has transgressed club rules, acted dangerously or behaved in a manner that compromises the club, they will be given a written warning, countersigned by the reporting officer. Should a members actions prompt three such warnings within 12 months then their club membership will be withdrawn.
19 No litter is to be left on the field and this includes any items following a crash.
20 Members will be required to contribute an amount determined by the committee per visit towards the mowing cost.
21 Membership numbers will be limited to 45.
22 BMFA rules and codes of conduct are to be observed at all times.
23 All members must observe the club safety guidelines.