Club Constitution

1. The name of the club shall be ‘The Truro & District Model Flying Club’.
2. The purpose of the club shall be the pursuit of model flying in all its forms.
3. The club will be a member of and affiliated to the SMAE/BMFA. All members will be SMAE/BMFA members.
4. Membership of the club shall be on an annual basis, subject to the payment of the appropriate fees, as agreed by members at the AGM.
5. Membership will be available to all sections of the community with no restriction on grounds of age, ethnicity, religion, disability or gender.
6. The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting which all members shall be invited to attend. Members will nominate and elect club officers (honorary) who will serve for the following 12 months. The Secretary shall send notices to all members last known address giving 14 days notice of the AGM which should be held either December or January. Each member shall have one vote at the AGM. Proposals to the AGM will be accepted from fully paid-up members only.
7. The club shall appoint, from amongst its members, sufficient officers to conduct its business. The minimum officers appointed shall serve as (a) Chairman, (b) Secretary, (c) Treasurer, (d) three committee members. The Chairman shall ensure that the club business is conducted in a legal, honest and responsible manner in accordance with this constitution and such club rules as are agreed at the AGM. The Secretary shall be responsible for all membership applications and maintain records of all members and all business conducted on members’ behalf. He shall be responsible for club duties not specifically delegated to other officers. The Treasurer shall maintain the club’s bank account and prepare an annual statement for submission to members at the AGM. The committee may nominate auditors from within the membership if considered necessary. Committee members shall assist principal officers in their duties and ensure that all members act in accordance with club rules and procedures. There shall be a minimum of three committee members, additional officers may be selected at the AGM if required, or co-opted if necessary.
8. Responsibility for negotiations with landowners, public authorities etc. shall be vested with elected club officers only.
9. Decisions on the future of the club site/sites shall only occur following a majority vote at the AGM, or exceptionally at an EGM.
10. Changes to this constitution shall only occur following a two-thirds majority vote at the AGM/EGM.
11. Club Dissolution. A written proposal for the dissolution of the club may be submitted by any member; such proposal should indicate clear reasons and be supported by two club officers. Members will be notified by the Secretary and a vote taken at either the AGM or an EGM as appropriate. A majority vote by those present will constitute the dissolution of the present club.
12. On dissolution the remaining assets will be sold and proceeds from the sale together with remaining funds to be donated to charity as agreed by the majority at the final meeting.

This Constitution having been presented to members was approved and adopted at the club’s Annual General Meeting held at Ladock Community Hall
on Friday 13th January 2006.